The group

Cogeninfra was created from the shared vision of a team of experts, with over fifteen years of experience in the district heating and energy efficiency sectors, together with a prestigious international infrastructure investment fund. So begins the project of a platform that aggregates multiple territorial realities to consolidate the Italian energy market and create a new and competitive player in the energy world.


Conceiving energy solutions for innovative cities and businesses.


To offer customers the best efficient energy solutions and renewables that promote the rational use of energy; ensure financial savings and new prospects for environmental sustainability.

What Cogeninfra does

Cogeninfra makes increasingly energy efficient and sustainable facilities and energy distribution.

Through district heating and energy efficiency, it offers solutions aimed at environmental respect and saving.


The Cogeninfra Heat division designs and implements networks of district heating which, starting from the generating plant, provide heat to connected urban centres.

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The Cogeninfra Save division develops highly technological solutions aimed at environmental respect and saving energy. The ideal partner for all those companies that want to undertake a process of energy transition.

The sites

The Group has a nationwide presence covering almost the entire territory to offer customers services and prompt assistance.

In 2023, Cogeninfra opened its first foreign subsidiary based in Warsaw. The Group’s goal is to open up to new markets thanks to the experience and solidity gained over the years.

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Reference shareholder

Reference shareholder

Cube is the Infrastructure fund that has been investing in energy and district heating companies since 2010.
has been the reference shareholder from 2011 to 2018, investing over €300 million in the IDEX district heating market, with the ambition of entering the highly fragmented and promising Italian district heating and energy efficiency market.

The organizational chart

Supervisory Board

Management Team

The organizational chart

Supervisory Board

Management Team

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