Cogeninfra is particularly sensitive and attentive to reducing the CO2 emissions into the atmosphere, promotes energy transition, and the shift to renewable sources (such as biomass and geothermal energy) and develops efficient solutions for energy recovery.
The environment is the most demanding customer, and there is already a path of energy transition of all facilities towards an increasing use of renewable sources to power them.

Sustainability & Future

Sustainability is the mission of the Cogeninfra Group, and the engine of its business. The purpose is to help achieve the EU’s goals to reduce emissions by at least 55% by 2030 and achieve climate neutrality by 2050.
All Group companies share and apply daily the value of responsible use of resources which is always future-oriented.

ESG Goals


Transition from fossil source to
woody biomass and geothermal energy to
feed the power plants of
district heating.

Develops efficient solutions for the
heat recovery from high flue gas

Aims to virtuously reduce
waste and water consumption.


Supports initiatives aimed at
grouping, inclusion and

Is interested in attracting better
talents by providing training and a
meritocratic environment.

The work environment points to the
cultural diversity as a stimulus to
creativity and teamwork.


Cultivates a system of control and
management to ensure adequate
transparency in the
decision making process.

50% female presence in the
group management board and senior
figures 40% staff

Constantly monitors purchases
to avoid the phenomena of bribery or corruption,
money laundering or exploitation of people.